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James Charles Responds To BACKLASH Over Collabs During Pandemic

"I just think it’s really hypocritical to call others out when you’ve done the same thing." James Charles tweets.

17 January 2021 by Fonticha Tran

On January 4, Beauty YouTuber James Charles responds to the backlash he received for filming multiple collaborations on his YouTube channel during the pandemic.


Let's rewind.


For those who don't know, fans have been slamming James for filming several collaborations with other influencers during the pandemic for his YouTube channel, especially as they took place in the same room with no social distancing or masks present.


These fans added that collaborations are unnecessary during these times and that James could've filmed videos by himself. They also pointed out that if James insisted on doing collaborations, then it could have been done in a safer way, similar to fellow Beauty YouTuber NikkieTutorials "Nikkie de Jager" who have been collaborating over video calls.


Fast forward, and on January 4, YouTuber Jenn McAllister slammed influencers who insisted on collaborating with those outside their household through a tweet.


Check out Jenn's tweet below:


"if you're an influencer in LA and you're still collabing with people outside of your household, i genuinely hope you're filled with so much guilt that you can't even move."

"someone in this city dies every 10 minutes from covid. if you can't make content by yourself.. you're boring"


James saw the tweet and replied with a screenshot of a YouTube video titled "I Played Among Us In Real Life!" by Joey Graceffa where several YouTubers, including Jenn, are inside a house back in November 2020 with no masks or social distancing in place.


In the tweet, James says:



“this u…?”


James later added that he wasn't "innocent either" as he had participated in a similar video, but he was "sick" of influencers "acting holier than others" when they had committed the same offence.


"Just to clarify, I’m certainly not innocent either as I took part in the same exact video on my own channel. I’m just sick of seeing influencers acting holier than others when they’re guilty too."


When a fan asked James not to drag Joey Graceffa into the drama, James responded:



"I’m not trying to drag anyone into anything. I love Joey lol, I filmed the same video for my channel inspired by Joey’s so I’m not innocent either. I just think it’s really hypocritical to call others out when you’ve done the same thing


(James is referring to his YouTube video titled: "Playing Among Us In Real Life", which featured other influencers such as Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D'Amelio, etc.)


Not long after, James deleted his tweets. When YouTuber Phillip DeFranco asked James why he'd deleted them, James replied:



"Because I like Jenn & don’t want to start an unnecessary fight with her"




How did Jenn McAllister react to James' tweets?



In response to James' initial tweet, Jenn responded:


“I don’t know if I should reply since you deleted your tweets, but yes, I was asked to be a part of a collab back before Thanksgiving when the stay-at-home order in LA was lifted."

"It's the only thing I've done for the entirety of 2020. I didn't see anyone before then and I haven't seen anyone since then either."

"Maybe my tweet was worded poorly, but I was trying to comment on the current state of LA. Cases have been going up since Thanksgiving and the stay-at-home order was reinstilled around then too."


She then adds that she doesn't believe James can be compared to her, as James had conducted "5+ collabs", despite being sick.

"I just don't think we're on the same level here. I wasn't calling you out directly, but if you want to call ME out directly, then I'd just like to point out the 5+ collabs you filmed in December where you're sick to the point that you can hear it in your voice."



James responded to Jenn by clarifying that he had a "cold" and that he had ensured it wasn't Covid by getting tested "a few times". He also adds that he didn't claim "innocence", but wanted to point out that Jenn was being "hypocritical" for calling out other influencers.


"Fair! My collabs were filmed before the stay at home order was reinstated. I had a cold & got tested a few times to ensure it wasnt covid. I didn’t claim innocence. Just think its hypocritical of you to call out others for not social distancing when you havent been perfect either"


He then reiterates that he doesn't want to start any drama with Jenn, hence why he deleted his previous tweets.


"Regardless, I really like you and don’t want to fight, hence why I deleted my tweets once they started getting attention in the first place. If you want to talk further, I followed you so we can DM, but if not, I hope you enjoy your night"



How did fans react to the back and forth between James Charles and Jenn McAllister?


When fans asked if James got tested before filming, James confirmed that he and his team are "tested weekly to be safe".



“Of course! My team & I get tested weekly to be safe and precautionary. I’m sure Jenn did too."

Another fan stated that James wouldn't require the extra tests if he stayed inside, to which James claimed that he had stayed inside his house "for the last year straight".


"I’ve been in my house for the last year straight lol. I barely ever leave. I would still pay to get us all tested weekly even if we were locked inside because its the safe and precautionary thing to do


However, the paparazzi have caught him on multiple occasions out having dinner, and even attending parties such as Larray's Hype House party.


When fans accuse James of "wasting tests" due to refusing to stay inside, James responded that there are "millions of tests" and that it wasn't "wasting tests" as he was ensuring his and his team's safety.

"there are millions of tests. Getting tested to ensure the safety of myself, my team that lives with me, or anyone we come into contact with is not wasting tests :)"



Altogether, the majority of fans are disappointed with James' actions. They also called out the influences who ignored the advice to stay at home despite telling their followers to do it.



"influencers: guys stay at home, follow the rules. also influencers: but not for me"


These fans also highlighted how "lucky" these influencers are to be able to work from home and not risk their safety, yet they take it for granted.



"He's one of the very lucky people that have the ability to make money (a lot) by staying home and recording what he's doing. When some people risk themselves and their family by going out and only working for minimum wage, like wtf. Just make your bag while being safe 🙄"


Furthermore, they pointed out the flaw in James' reasoning, i.e. a negative test does not give someone permission to meet with others during the pandemic. They say the purpose of the test is to inform whether someone has the virus so that they can isolate.



"also even if your result says negative it still doesn’t guarantee you don’t have the virus, cause you could literally get it 0.1 second after getting tested. testing yourself doesn’t make you immune... you should take the test to know if you HAVE corona so u know whether to isolate or not, not to know if you DON’T have it so u can hang out w friends…"


Finally, another fan pointed out that although Jenn hadn't mentioned James' name specifically, James had taken it personally which then suggests that James knew that his actions were wrong.

"Jenn didn’t even tag James... the fact that he took it personal shows that he knows what he is doing by collabing during the pandemic is wrong."

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James Charles (Morphe)

Fonticha Tran is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is also responsible for researching and writing news articles. She also keeps track of the celebrities’ on our watchlist while monitoring their social media for any new updates.  


Fun fact: Besides constantly being on Twitter and reading up on her favourite celebrities' newest tweets, she's busy rewatching Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. 

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