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James Charles ANNOUNCES Impression Contest Winner & REACTS To Video Submissions

"I’m gagged. That was a good one. [...] Definitely in the top, that was pretty good." James Charles says.

22 November 2020 by Fonticha Tran

LOS ANGELES - NOV 11: James Charles at the People's Choice Awards 2018

at the Barker Hanger on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On 20 November, Beauty YouTuber James Charles named Jack Cleary (@jackattackcleary80) as the winner of his "James Charles Impression Contest", giving him a prize of $1,000.


Let's rewind.


The contest was announced on 14 November through James Charles' social media platforms. The contest was created after James received backlash for a TikTok video where he reacted to someone doing an impression of him.

Fans accused him as being too “sensitive” and not being able to “take a joke”. In response, James clarified that he was not "hurt" by impression videos of him, rather that he was more annoyed that there weren't any impressions done well.


“The reality is, okay, I was actually not hurt by, in any way, shape or form.”

“I am all here for the James Charles jokes, the James Charles impressions. The problem is, they are just not good. These videos literally sound like some mix of Kermit the frog and like, Stacey from Zoey 101.”



James also added that the person who made the TikTok impression of him reached out to him to apologize.


“The boy who made the video actually DMed me to apologize. I said don’t worry about it, dude, I’m not like offended or hurt.”


Meanwhile, James became inspired to look for someone who could actually do a good impression of him. The "James Charles Impression Contest" was then held.


Reacting to the James Charles Impressions 

James reacted to some of the impressions in his newest YouTube video titled, “Reacting to James Charles Impressions!”. Although not all entries were shown, James assured fans that his team watched every single entry that was submitted. 


“I have not watched a single one of these impressions, however, my team has checked out all of them. And in today’s YouTube video, I will be going through and watching the best and probably also the absolute worst, James Charles impression. Wish me luck.“


James also added that all of this was for “fun and games” and reminded fans not to send hate to those who participated in the competition.


“Before we get started in this anyway, I just want to give a quick little disclaimer. This is all just for fun and games. Please, you guys, do not go and send hate or any mean comments on anybody who decided to make these impressions today.”



How did fans do on James' contest? Was James Charles impressed?


Those who entered used different techniques. Some opted to memorize James’ commonly spoken script, i.e. his intro to his videos, whilst others copied his tone and inflection, or mannerisms and hand gestures.


However, what James was looking for was whether the participants could accurately copy his voice pitch, pronunciation and inflection.

Many entries decided to copy James’ cover of the song “Taste” by Tyga ft. Offset. James was particularly impressed with one impression.


“Oh my god! That was actually really, really good. He sounds literally just like me!”


James then revealed that Tyga’s team had once attempted to “copyright claim” one of his YouTube videos for singing a part of the song.



“Remember when Tyga’’s team tried to copyright claim me for doing that in a YouTube video? Try it sweetie, I dare you.”



However, there was one video submission that James was less than impressed with. 


Unfortunately, this participant appeared to have no clue as to how James actually talked or acted. In particular, the participant kept repeating the word “yas”, not realizing that James had never used that word in his "entire life".


“I have never said "yas" once in my entire life. Never. This literally sounds like somebody just like thought of all the things that a gay person would say, and then just put it in one video.”


Others were also disqualified for pronouncing the word, “sister” as “shisters”.


James explained that he doesn't think he has a "lisp", and added that the pronunciation “shisters” was created by someone he no longer associated himself with.


“He lost me at the “shisters”. I mean, let’s delve into this further, the “shisters” thing. Started by somebody that I no longer, you know, associate myself with. No drama, no tea. It became a meme. I do not think that I have a lisp.”


However, in the end, it came down to three impressions. @jacaicai, CJ Matthews and Jack Cleary.


Unfortunately, @jacaicai was eliminated as his voice timing was just “a little off”.


The runner-up was CJ Matthews who gave James the most surprise as he started out the video with a naturally deeper voice than James. 


CJ started out the video explaining that he works at Starbucks and when taking orders in the drive-through, people often asked if he was James Charles.



“I work at Starbucks and I’ve been told by four separate people on the drive through, and have been asked by them if I am James Charles because I sound so much like him when I do my customer service voice.”


However, James was sceptical as CJ's tone sounded nothing like him. 


“There’s no way his voice is going to sound anything like mine”

But CJ's impression was spot on!


“No way. Oh my god! His regular voice sounds like… I was literally like, what are you talking [about], you sound nothing like me. I’m gagged. That was a good one. [...] Definitely in the top. That was pretty good.


But it couldn't compare to Jack Cleary who had the best intonation and pitch out of all the entries. 

“That's gotta be the best one that I've ever heard. It's really good! That's really good.”

And in a twist, it turns out that Jack had been in James' radar before! 

Jack revealed that back in August, James had seen one of his videos that happened to be one where he made a James Charles impression.


Although James created the competition in order to find someone who could do a good impression of him, it appears that he had found one before because he had commented on Jack's video saying, “Oh yeah, this one isn’t bad at all”!


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James Charles (Morphe)

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