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James Charles Announces 'Impression Contest' With $1000 Prize 

"You guys have 48 hours. Make a video doing a good impression of me, and hashtag it #jamescharlesimpression." James Charles says.

16 November 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

LOS ANGELES - NOV 11: James Charles at the People's Choice Awards 2018

at the Barker Hanger on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On November 14, Beauty YouTuber James Charles announced to fans that he's organising a James Charles' Impression Contest with a prize of $1000.


Check out what James says in his Instagram Story below:

"Hello, my Instagram Sisters. I just wanted to make a quick little video and let you guys know that I just posted a new TikTok and it’s a contest that I’m announcing [...] Basically, I’m looking for people that can do a good James Charles impression.


James then explains why he was inspired to create it.


"You know, I’ve seen so many videos in the past of people making fun of me, mocking me, and I am all here for the comedy, but I have just never seen a good James Charles impression."

"They're always the exact same, it’s always “Oh my god, yes sister, James Charles, welcome back to my YouTube channel, use code James for 30% off, yes sisters” and I’m just so sick of it."

"So, if you think that you can do a good impression of me and you want to win a thousand dollars and be in a YouTube video, head over to my TikTok and learn how to enter."

If fans head over to James Charles' official TikTok account, fans can find a longer video from James explaining about the James Charles' Impression Contest, and how it all started.

First, James starts off by greeting his audience, before launching into the scandal he was recently involved in.

"Okay TikTok, listen up because I have a contest to announce and I want you to be a part of it."

"This past week, I posted a video right here on TikTok where I was dueting a boy doing a James Charles impression and this caused a little bit of a sister scandal."

For those who don't know, James dueted a TikTok video with @ozikoy on November 11. The original video was created by @ozikoy when a fan challenged him to act like James Charles in front of his dad.

@ozikoy is known for creating TikTok videos where he "acts possessed in front of his dad". Other TikTok videos include “act like Michael Jackson in front of dad", and “act like Charli D’Amelio in front of dad”.

Meanwhile, James was less than impressed with the TikTok video. His duet description read: #duet with ozikoy waiting for the day someone on this app actually does a funny impression of me.

However, many people felt that James was too sensitive. A lot felt that James couldn't "take a joke", and wondered why he was "so upset" with the TikTok video by @ozikoy.

In the TikTok video, James explained:

"A lot of people were saying, 'James take a joke, why are you so upset by this.' The reality is, I can take a joke. My entire career has [been] turning myself into a meme, laughing about it, like I am all here for the James Charles jokes and impressions, but the problem is the impressions just aren’t good."

James then announced to fans that he was then inspired to actually find someone who could do a great, accurate impression of him. James will then pick a winner who will be featured in James' official YouTube channel, and also receive a prize of $1000.

"So I wanna find out who can actually do the best, the most accurate James Charles impression and the winner will be featured in a YouTube video and win a thousand dollars."

"You guys have forty eight hours. Make a video doing a good impression of me, and hashtag it #jamescharlesimpression. And good luck, shishters!"

Fans can check out James' duet TikTok video here.

[UPDATED: James Charles ANNOUNCES Impression Contest Winner & REACTS To Video Submissions]

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James Charles (Morphe)

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