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James Charles REVEALS His WORST DATE And His Ideal Life Partner

"I [...] prefer guys who are taller than me. Masculine, obviously. I like spontaneity. I definitely like guys who are down to do stupid and fun s**t all the time." James says.

23 January 2020 by Fonticha Tran

LOS ANGELES - NOV 11: James Charles at the People's Choice Awards 2018

at the Barker Hanger on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On January 21, James Charles uploaded a series of Instagram stories where he revealed to fans his "ideal life partner" and his "worst date".


During an Instagram Live, James used a Q&A filter where he answered a few questions from it. In particular, he talked about his "ideal life partner" and admitted that he needed someone who was "funny", "tall", and "masculine".


Check out what James said below:


"I need someone who's funny. I have talked to a lot of guys who are extremely attractive but have the most boring bland personalities ever. [...] I need somebody that can make me laugh and make me smile all day long because sometimes my life is really stressful with my job and stuff and I need someone to lighten up the mood constantly."

"I definitely prefer guys who are taller than me. Masculine, obviously. I like spontaneity. I definitely like guys who are down to do stupid and fun s**t all the time, like go on trips, make late-night drives to Caine if I want to (laughs) or just do fun stuff all the time."


James also revealed that he hated it when people fail to answer his texts or "make up lame excuses". He revealed that this was a pet peeve of his.



So, what was James' worst date?


According to James, he hasn't been on many dates. However, the worst date he'd been on was when a date took him to "Buca di Peppo". Unfortunately, the date couldn't stop talking about how "well-endowed" he was.


The entire date had continued in this manner, and according to James, was "really, really awful". Needless to say, James did not go on a second date with him.



James is currently filming his own Beauty Reality Show that involves up-and-coming makeup artists competing for a $50,000 cash prize. The reality show will premiere on his official YouTube channel.

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James Charles (Morphe)

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