James Charles ALONE On Christmas Day... Until YouTube Friends Helped

"I’m alone on Christmas today so @JoeyGraceffa & @MisterPreda invited me over for dinner & @ColleenB123 invited me to decorate cookies with her family 🥺." James tweets.

26 December 2019 by Fonticha Tran

LOS ANGELES - NOV 11: James Charles at the People's Choice Awards 2018

at the Barker Hanger on November 11, 2018 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On December 25, Beauty YouTuber, James Charles, revealed to fans on Twitter that he was alone on Christmas day with his dog, Finn. However, fellow YouTubers Joey Graceffa, Mister Preda and Colleen, quickly invited him to their celebrations!


Check out James' tweet below:


"there may be a lot of drama in the youtube world but I promise there a few really amazing people - I’m alone on Christmas today so @JoeyGraceffa & @MisterPreda invited me over for dinner & @ColleenB123 invited me to decorate cookies with her family 🥺"


He also expanded in his Instagram Story:

"I’m so grateful to have really close YouTube friends in my life otherwise I would be alone this Christmas. But we are going to celebrate, and we are going to have a good time."


Fans, however, will be glad to know that James didn't miss out on all the festivity, as in a series of Instagram Stories, James revealed to fans that he woke up very late today (on Christmas day) in the best mood.


This is because he'd been up last night partying into the early morning, celebrating Christmas the Mexican way. He explained that he was celebrating his friend's Laura's family tradition of Christmas.


James told fans that they'd spent the time opening Christmas presents and playing charades for "hours and hours straight". James then revealed that it was "honestly the best time ever."


Meanwhile, fans from all over the world were opening up their presents to find out that their loved ones had gifted them James' Morphe palettes and Sister Merch.


When James saw tweets and posts of fans opening up his James Charles X Morphe mini palettes and Sister merch, he told fans that he hadn't stopped smiling since.


"It has made me so emotional and so grateful and honestly so excited. We released that palette over a year ago. It was November 2018, and the fact that kids are still putting it on their wish lists is so crazy to me."


James explained that it meant so much to him, particularly because the beauty community was always releasing new palettes, almost on a "weekly basis". So the fact that kids are still requesting for it on their wish list made it even more special.


"I’m so grateful to be part of your holiday season in some way or shape or form."


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