James Charles Speaks Out About Bullying Mackenzie Ziegler Rumors

"I was giving Maddie more attention and didn't have the best questions for Kenzie [...] this was a good learning lesson for me." James Charles admits.

12 October 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat

On 8 October, James Charles finally addresses the bullying scandal surrounding him and Mackenzie Ziegler.


Let's rewind.


For those who don't know, a short clip of James allegedly "bullying" Mackenzie has recently re-emerged and gone viral on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, amassing millions of views and likes.


During the clip, James tells Mackenzie that "she was never going to win", speaks only to Maddie Ziegler, interrupts Mackenzie and makes fun of her for thinking she's a "[beauty] guru".


Fast forward and in a new YouTube video titled, "Reacting To & Addressing My Most CRINGE Moments!", James Charles finally sets the record straight, telling fans that the video was highly edited to make it look like he was bullying Mackenzie.



"So, this video was originally posted in 2018 and is a beauty battle with myself and Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler. And it has recently gone reviral [sic] because this person basically edited this together to make it look like I was bullying Kenzie the entire video, which did not happen."


James then reveals how he's been receiving a lot of hate comments and death threats to the point where he and his team eventually decided to delete the original video.


"And I’m going to tell you guys, I have been getting literal death threats and hate comments from this video going reviral for several months now. To the point where we literally had to take down the original YouTube video from 2018 because people were being so, so PR negative and we just couldn't deal with it anymore."



During the video, James addresses the comment he made to Mackenzie where he said "you're never going to win".


"But I really wanted to take some time to give a little more backstory behind this because this edit is not accurate at all."

"For example, the first line of the entire video is me asking the girls, "Who do we think is going to win?" And over sad music, it puts me saying “You’re never going to win" to Kenzie. Which is not what happened."

James then shows extended clips from the original video which shows that the full sentence in its original context.


James had asked fans to leave a comment on who they thought had won the particular challenge:

“Leave us a comment down below and tell me who you think won this challenge: Sister Maddie or Sister Kenzie".


As James was saying this, though, Mackenzie pointed at her sister, Maddie. In response, James then said:


"Hey, you’re never going to win if you -"


Mackenzie then immediately points to herself. James then responded with:


"There you go girl. [I was going to say] you’re never going to win with that attitude".


From the extended clips, viewers can see that James is telling Mackenzie to have more faith in her abilities and her makeup look, contrary to the bullying allegations the edited clips suggests.


Next, James addresses how it appeared that he was excluding Mackenzie from his conversation with Maddie. James tells fans that the clip was edited to make it look like he and Maddie ignored Mackenzie throughout the entire video.


In reality, James explains that the original 25 minute video had the three of them talking together almost constantly, but the clips were edited and selected to show only the parts where James and Maddie were talking.


"It was a 25 minute video where all three of us were talking the entire time. But they pulled clips where me and Maddie were having a conversation and Kenzie wasn’t a part of it, so it looked like she was sad at being ignored."


However, James did admit that when the collaboration video was first released, he did receive several comments stating that he didn't give Mackenzie enough attention compared to Maddie.


He explains that this was because he had known Maddie for a year whereas it was his first time meeting Mackenzie. He admits this was a learning lesson for him, and going forward, will give his guests equal attention.


"But that being said, when we originally posted this video several years ago now, there were a few comments that felt like I was giving Maddie more attention and didn't have the best questions for Kenzie. [...]"

"This was a good learning lesson for me as a content creator because at the time I was really, really good friends with Maddie."

"We had been talking and Facetiming for a year prior to this, and this is actually my first time meeting Kenzie. So myself and Maddie had a really good established friendship and sense of humor with each other. We could banter back and forth. But I also think I tried to use the same type of jokes, the same sense of humor with Maddie on Kenzie which just didn’t really work [...].


Finally, James shares a screenshot of a few messages he received from Mackenzie (with permission from her to share it).



"omg!!! u seriously don’t have to apologize. that is not how i saw it!!! first of all i was literally so much younger than you guys and i wasn’t as close to u so seriously don’t worry about that. yes that would be so hilarious hahahhah"

"you can totally do that. but you look beautiful i hope ur doing well 💙💙💙"



James reveals that he had sent Mackenzie a lengthy voicemail to apologise for the 2018 collaboration video, just in case Mackenzie had quietly agreed with the bullying rumors.

"Basically I sent her a long voicemail just explaining the video that went viral and saying I want to talk about it in this video. But I also wanted to apologize to her just in case she did actually agree with what was being said here. And I never got the chance to address it with her years ago when this was posted."


James clarified again that there was no bullying involved, and they all had a "great time" filming.


"You guys heard it from Kenzie herself. I hope this finally clears everything up and stops the hate comments and death threats coming my way. She was not being bullied, we had a great time filming."

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