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Jacob Sartorius Brings Up Millie Bobby Brown In YouTube Video! (Kiss, Marry, Kill Game) 

"I got Liza Koshy, Lele Pons and ... Millie Bobby Brown." Jacob says during the 'Kiss, Marry, Kill' game.

19 December 2019 by Fonticha Tran

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On November 27, Jacob Sartorius uploaded a YouTube video of him and a friend playing the ''Kiss, Marry, Kill' game, and when it's his turn, he brings up ex-girlfriend, Millie Bobby Brown. And Millie's fans aren't happy with it.

Let's rewind.


First of all, several fans will already know that Jacob Sartorius and Stranger Things' Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), dated back in 2017. Unfortunately, the relationship lasted less than a year with the two breaking up in July 2018.

Fast forward to two years later, and Jacob, who is now 17, is playing the game "Kiss, Marry, Kill" with fellow YouTuber and 12-year-old singer, Gavin Magnus.

In the YouTube video titled "KISS MARRY KILL... (Life of Jacob Sartorius EP. 5)", Jacob says to Gavin:


"Alright. So, I have three names for you. These are a bit crazy, though. You should know how to answer this, you know you're my boy and all, all right?"


Jacob pauses for a moment, before adding:


"Alright, so I've got Liza Koshy, Lele Pons... and Millie Bobby Brown."



So, what exactly is the controversy?


Well, Millie's fans weren't happy with Jacob bringing Millie's name up and slammed him for using her name for drama. Not only that, but they called him out for using her image in the thumbnail, stating that he was doing it to increase views.


Fans claimed that Jacob was doing it intentionally, and pointed out that Millie's face in the thumbnail was the biggest and was even larger than Jacob himself.


They also highlighted that it was Jacob himself who picked Millie's name specifically for the "Kiss, Marry, Kill" game. Not only that, but the video was edited to make it more dramatic. For example, when Jacob said Millie's name, the background music stopped, and the camera zoomed in for a closer look at Jacob's expression.


Anyway, Gavin proceeded with his choice to "kill" Liza Koshy and "kiss" Lele Pons. Of course, that left Millie, but before he could say her name, the video cuts abruptly with a "no signal" image before coming back to Jacob and Gavin thanking fans for watching the video.

Despite all the negative comments, there were fans who defended Jacob and argued back that Millie wasn't the only girl in the thumbnail. They also pointed out that both Millie and Jacob are on friendly terms and that it was fine for people to talk about their exes.


At the time of writing, Jacob's "Kiss, Marry, Kill" video has over 125,000 views.



Jacob Sartorius' new song 'Party Goes Harder' premieres on December 20.

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Jacob Sartorius (Party Goes Harder)

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