Fans CRITICISES IT Chapter Two CGI effects - Jack Dylan Grazer Defends It

"The CGI was bad? No, it was not. I can assure you. [...] Did you see? I was stunned by the scene with Jessica..." Jack says.

14 September 2019 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Jack Dylan Grazer and Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture'

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It Chapter Two's (2019) CGI has come under fire. Fans are slamming it and saying that it looked horrendous. Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie Kaspbrak), however, defends it completely in his Instagram Live.


Let's rewind.


First of all, it makes sense that It Chapter Two (2019) has to rely heavily on CGI effects since it is a horror film.


However, a lot of fans are complaining that the CGI for the film was overused and that "over-reliance on CGI made the ghosts/monsters [seem] like funny cartoons".


And then there's the case of de-ageing the young cast.


Although the movie focused mainly on the adult cast, the flashbacks to the younger selves required CGI effects to make the young cast look their "age" in the film. Since It Chapter Two (2019) was filmed 2 years after the first movie, the young actors had definitely grown.


In particular, Finn Wolfhard (Richie Tozier) grew much taller, and even Jack Dylan Grazer's (Eddie Kaspbrak) appearance looked a lot older.


Andy Muschietti, director of It Chapter Two (2019), explained that they'd already budgeted for this since they had expected the young cast to look older. And de-ageing actors have been done before. A recent example includes Gemini Man (2019), where Will Smith was digitally de-aged to look as if he was in his 20s.


However, fans still thought the end result left a lot to be desired.


"Considerable time is spent with the teenage cast, de-aged by CGI, and sometimes scarier looking than Pennywise."

Vulture even released an article titled: The Scariest Part of It Chapter Two is … Finn Wolfhard?

Jack Dylan Grazer defends It Chapter Two's CGI


After the premiere of It Chapter Two, Jack Dylan Grazer went on Instagram Live to see fans’ opinions on the movie. Which meant fans took the opportunity to slam the CGI for being “bad”.


Jack, however, quickly leapt to the movie's defence:

“The CGI was bad? No, it was not. I can assure you. [...] Did you see? I was stunned by the scene with Jessica (mimics voice) 'My father was in the circus' [...] She was so good.”


And what about the voice dubbing?


Since the young actors' were de-aged, they also had to "de-age" their voices. Finn and Jack's voices have gotten much deeper (check out their roles in Stranger Things and Shazam! [2019]), so voice actors were brought in to dub over their voices.


In Jack's livestream, he spoke more on the topic:


"My voice in the film is not my voice. [..] It’s a voice actor because I had to play 12 again. As a 15-year-old, my voice apparently got deeper since I filmed 'IT One' so they hired a voice actor that had a little more higher pitch."


Of course, fans then added that to their list of complaints.

"The CG de aging of Finn Wolfhard and the voice modulation of Wolfhard and Jack Dylan Grazer at times was distracting."


"The kids voice sounds so funny during the movie. [...] they are like chipmunks."


However, despite all these complaints, It Chapter Two (2019) is doing well in theatres, and the majority end up loving it.


Bad CGI effects and all.

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It Chapter Two's Jack Dylan Grazer (Eddie)

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