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Hair By Jay APOLOGIZES To Trisha Paytas: "Never Had A Problem With Her" 

"I knew it was going to blow out of proportion [...] I just didn't think it was going to be recorded and taken to this magnitude." Hair By Jay says.

17 January 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat

On January 16, Jeffree Star's ex-hairstylist and friend, Hair By Jay, apologises to Trisha Paytas in an Instagram Live.

Let's rewind.


For those who don't know, Trisha recently uploaded a tearful video reacting to Hair By Jay's aggressive livestream on January 15, where the latter attacks Trisha's weight and appearance and referring to her as a "stupid walrus looking a** full of warts b****".

Trisha then claims that this was the type of behaviour she had to endure when she was with Jeffree Star and his friends. Jeffree has since responded to the situation.

Fast forward, and on January 16, Hair By Jay apologises to Trisha.

In the Instagram Live, Hair By Jay says:

"So I said some stuff and reacted to a video that Trisha Paytas had posted on YouTube that I wasn't aware about [...] [until] someone brought it to my attention on Live."


"So I decided to watch it and react to it on Live which I shouldn't have done that.


Jay then stated that he knew that his reaction was "going to blow out of proportion".

"I knew it was going to blow out of proportion [...] that it was going to be taken and screen recorded and reposted."

"I just didn't think it was going to be recorded and taken to this magnitude. [...] I reacted to a situation the best way that I know how to react to it. Am I saying its the right way? No.

He admits that the things he said about Trisha is "extremely aggressive", and that he shouldn't have done that.

"And the things that I said were extremely aggressive, I own up to them. I said some stuff that I maybe shouldn't have uh, addressed in that way."

However, Jay claims that he has never had a problem with Trisha before the Instagram Live.



"So before I continue with this, let me just clarify. I never had a problem with Trisha Paytas."



Jay then explains how he thought that Trisha and himself was on "good terms", adding that he follows her on Instagram before her account was deactivated.


"I actually thought me and her were on good terms. [...] Not friends, because we do not hang out, but at some point I thought we were good because we had worked [...] three times before this event that’s blown up."


"We worked and everything was fine. I personally, and everybody that knows me, knows that I listen to her music, I follow her on IG."



Jay states that he has never said "anything negative" about her until the infamous Instagram Live.

"Never did she hear me say anything negative about her, post anything negative about her, write anything negative about her.

"Til the live that I created, that I made a couple of days ago."

Jay then addresses the fact that Trisha says she feels threatened by him in her video. 

"I don't feel she needs to feel threatened. I don't feel that she needs to feel like her life is in danger. I’m literally [...] a stay-at-home body now especially during Covid. I haven't gone out." "

"I never would harm her definitely not."

Jay then reiterates that the way he reacted to her was "inappropriate", and that he should've "ignored" the video that he reacted to in the Instagram Live.

"[...] The way that I addressed myself towards her was not appropriate. I'm a grown adult. Nobody should be talked to like that and I maybe should've just ignored it.

"Because it's a situation that happened a year ago. So with that being said, I do apologise for the things I said about Trisha Paytas."

"The way that I came at her was absolutely aggressive."

Jay then reveals that growing up, he was used to people reacting the way that he did.

"[...] To me, someone coming at me like that, growing up the way I grew up [...] It's not normal. But it’s seen. I know she has never seen it."


He adds that he has never "disliked" Trisha, and he only recalls being "extremely polite" to her.

"Never did I felt that I disliked this girl that I hated her. No.

"I recall, and I still have videos on my phone of me being extremely polite to her. [...] The last time that I've seen her was at that trip. I didn't think I came at her sideways. If she feels like that's the reason why."

Jay then adds that he should've just stated his point of view without "using those insultive words".

"I maybe should address that and [...] stated my point of view without using those insultive words."

He then adds that Jeffree wasn't telling him what to say.

"Nor was I - [...] told what to do. This was absolutely something that I acted on impulse. I didn't need Jeffree to tell me what to say. That wasn't Jeffree speaking."

"But everybody that knows me, I work with celebrities and public figures all the time. [...] I worked with Shane before. I worked with Jeffree, I worked with a lot of Instagram influencers."

"[...] I'm very transparent. And the reason that they [...] got along with me is because they know the type of person i am. If you're a negative person you will never [...] ask for service to be provided [...] more than once if you didn't get along with that person.

Jay then says that he is not someone who "shames" people, and that despite the fact that he displayed it on the infamous Instagram Live, anyone that he knows could "testify" against it.

"I'm not a person that shames or stereotype people or shames people. No, I've been in all those positions I've been talked about. [...]"

"Anybody that knows me could testify. 'Yo. We've never seen that side of Jay.' Even though that did happen."

Jay then brings up Trisha's controversial past and previous scandals, stating that he's certain Trisha can "relate" to his situation.

"I'm not asking for sympathy [...] I know what I said hurts people’s feelings that's what people do when they get upset they say certain things. Its just about owning up and apologising to it."

"I'm sure she can relate and I'm sure she's said things in the past and done things in the past. And when she cooled down she wasn't happy about it, so then she apologised for it."

Finally, Jay tells fans that he will attempt to contact Trisha, though he states that he doesn't want her to feel uncomfortable, as is why he is apologising on Instagram Live.

[UPDATE: Trisha Paytas has since responded to Hair By Jay's apology.]

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Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, is writing a book.

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