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Gaten Matarazzo's Work In Progress (WIP) Band's FANTASTIC Live Performance

"Big things lie ahead, and we can’t wait to share them with you! 🥳🎂🎈🎉 #wipbday” Gaten posts.

26 September 2019 by Fonticha Tran

LOS ANGELES - DEC 11: Gaten Matarazzo at the 22nd Annual Critics' Choice Awards

at Barker Hanger on December 11, 2016 in Santa Monica, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson


Stranger Things’ Gaten Matarazzo’s (Dustin) band, Work In Progress, performed last weekend on September 21 at the Sea Hear Now music festival in Asbury Park, NJ. And it was a blast, to say the least.


Fans were in for a real treat since the band debuted four new original songs and performances, and it included collaborations with Mike McCready (lead guitarist for the American rock band, Pearl Jam) and American musician, Jake Clemons.


Check out Work In Progress' Instagram post of thanks below:

"Always fun jamming some @pearljam songs. Thanks for joining us Mike! 🤘🏻🤘🏻 📸 @countfeed."


In other news, Work In Progress celebrated its 2nd anniversary on 24 September.


The band uploaded throwback pictures on their Instagram with this description below:

“Can you believe it? Work In Progress was formed on this day, 2 years ago! Amazing to see how far we’ve come and we hope you’ll be right along with us as we continue our awesome journey through music. Big things lie ahead, and we can’t wait to share them with you! 🥳🎂🎈🎉 #wipbday


So, what’s next for Work In Progress?


There were actually tour dates set for Chicago, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Columbus and Washington DC between August 10-17. Unfortunately, though, it had to be postponed. So far, rescheduled dates have not yet been posted.

On August 11, Gaten announced that the cancellation was due to his voice hurting after his role as Jack in Hollywood Bowl's "Into the Woods".


In a video uploaded onto the band's official Twitter, Gaten explained that his voice “started to hurt really bad and singing has been very painful recently”. He also revealed that he'd been “drinking a lot of water, a lot of tea [and taking] a lot of vocal rest”.


“It means a lot that you guys would buy tickets in the first place, and I’m sorry that we’re going have to wait a little bit longer.” 


In the same Twitter thread, Gaten tweets:

"I do have an important update to share with you all. Coming off of Hollywood Bowl and going right into the tour… This month, my voice started hurting. I really tried my hardest to fight it off, and I was put on medication."

"But finally, [...] I was advised by a medical profession to take a vocal rest. :( Everyone will receive a full refund for tickets purchased for the upcoming shows. We will announce new dates soon!"

"I’m so sorry about this news, but I really want to thank each and every one of you for supporting us, and I hope to see you on the road again soon!!


Fans were a lot more understanding of the cancellation than Calpurnia's (Stranger Things' co-star, Finn Wolfhard's band) cancellation.


Angry fans had slammed Finn and the band, tweeting that they'd already bought tickets and flight tickets to actually get to the venue.


Some of the fans even went as far as calling out Calpurnia for treating them this way and yet, expect them to support the band. (Read more about it here).


Let's just say Gaten's fans score more brownie points, don't you think?

In the meantime, Stranger Things season 4 is expected to start shooting early next year in January 2020.

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Fun fact: Besides constantly being on Twitter and reading up on her favourite celebrities' newest tweets, she's busy rewatching Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. 

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