Gabbie Hanna CLAPS BACK At HATERS On 'Big' Nose Insult 

"I’m a proud middle-eastern woman with middle-eastern features and i have no desire to make my nose smaller [...] these comments [are] old & boring." Gabbie tweets.

2 January 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

LOS ANGELES - AUG 27: Gabbie Hanna at the MTV Video Music Awards 2017

at The Forum on August 27, 2017 in Inglewood, CA — Photo by Jean_Nelson

On January 1, Gabbie Hanna clapped back at a fan's insult about her nose. This comes after wishing fans a "happy new decade".


Let's rewind.


Earlier in the day, Gabbie tweeted out to fans, wishing them a "happy new decade". In the tweet, she included a side by side comparison of herself currently in 2020, and (presumably) herself at the start of 2010.


However, a fan took to the comments section and insulted her nose.


"That shnoz has remained constant, at least!"


Gabbie quickly clapped back with:


"i just really hope in this decade ppl stop shaming each other for their physical differences. i’m a proud middle-eastern woman with middle-eastern features and i have no desire to make my nose smaller to look otherwise. thank u, next on these comments. they’re old & boring."


Other fans then rushed to Gabbie's defence, slamming the fan and telling Gabbie that she was absolutely "beautiful" the way she is.


Unfortunately, though, this isn't the first time Gabbie had to speak out about her nose. Back in March 2016, Gabbie uploaded an Instagram post of herself, saying that her favourite feature of her face is, in fact, her nose.


In the Instagram post, Gabbie writes:


"My favorite feature of my face, is my nose. It wasn't always that way. Growing up, I got teased a lot for my nose. As an adult, I got teased a lot for my nose. When I started my internet career, every comment seemed to be about my nose."


Gabbie then reveals to fans that she had been insecure about her nose for a long time and that she'd take pictures where she could angle herself so that her nose would look smaller.


She adds that she would also cover her mouth and nose whenever she laughed and untagged herself from photos where it looked like her nose was too big.


Gabbie also revealed that she had thought about getting a nose job several times in the past.


"I've spent hours in a mirror staring at my face and crying about what I was conditioned to think was an anomaly on my face. Every single day, I'd read comments about how disgusting my nose was and what's worse, I believed them.


However, Gabbie does add that there were comments from fans who would compliment her nose, saying that it was "cute". Despite that, Gabbie says that "we can hear 1000 compliments and only remember that one insult".


Fortunately, Gabbie has since loved her features. She writes:


"[...] One day, I was looking at a family photo and realized something. My nose is just like my grandpa's, and my dads, and my sisters and my uncles. I'm a middle eastern woman. My nose represents my culture and my family."


She goes on to say how her nose is "prominent" and "recognizable" and how it comes with her "big beautiful brown eyes", "long eyelashes", "naturally tan skin", "small waist" and "wide hips".


"These are all things that are my ethnicity, are just *me*. And I f***ing LOVE that about me."


Gabbie ends the post by reminding fans that those who criticize someone's appearance often have an "angry heart", and that she'll never insult somebody because of "something so superficial or their ethnicity."


"I'll never in my life again be offended by it. [...] To everyone out there who is feeling insecure, who is being bullied, who looks in the mirror and doesn't like what they see, just remember that the face you were given is the face you were meant to have, and even if one person calls you ugly, a million people know you're beautiful :)"

"And that is why my favorite feature of my face, is my nose."


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