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Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard Gives Thanks After Being Brought To Hospital

"Huge appreciation to all my colleagues for making everything fit after my [...] detour to @unmhospitals." Finn posts.

5 September 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture'

Presentation held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA on April 2, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

During the filming of The Goldfinch (2019), Finn Wolfhard was taken to UNM Children's Hospital after the star became dehydrated on set. With the premiere of The Goldfinch (2019) next week, Finn posts his thanks once again to the production team.


Check out his Instagram post below:



(The video is a montage of Finn's character, Young Boris.)


In the post, he gives a shout out to Roger Deakins (Cinematographer) and John Crowley (Director) as well as others whose initials he mentions.


However, one shout out in particular is to "LB" who turned out to be Lisa Burrascano, the Assistant Director for The Goldfinch (2019).


"Shout out to [...] LB - if the AD thing doesn’t work out for LB there is always ambulance driving or personal security [and] huge [shout out] to the staff and my NP at UNM. Thank you for helping me get back to set so quickly.

Finn had gotten dehydrated while filming The Goldfinch (2019) and had to be taken to the hospital. It seems that Lisa had been the one who accompanied and drove him all the way there.


...Which is basically going above and beyond her job description.


Who else thinks she deserves the Assistant Director of the Year award?


Right after the hospital visit, Finn had posted his appreciation on Instagram:


I"Huge appreciation to all my colleagues on #goldfinchmovie and @strangerthingstv for making everything fit after my unexpected detour to @unmhospitals earlier this week."

"I had the best caregivers ever at UNM Children’s - thank you to everyone there.😍 ps stay hydrated y’all!!!"



Anyway, when Lisa saw Finn's shout out, she responded with her love: "Thanks for the recognition @finnwolfhardofficial! I’m here for you in any capacity. Much love".


Aww, what a great working atmosphere!


Meanwhile, those who have worked with Finn before are sharing their excitement for The Goldfinch (2019) under his montage post.


I"Can’t wait to see you in this! ♥️" - Cara Buono, Stranger Things' Mike Wheeler’s mom.

I"This looks so good Finn!" - Priah Ferguson, Stranger Things' Erica.

I"can’t wait to see this Finn" - Tim Ives, Stranger Things' Cinematographer.

I"Let Boris come to life! 👊🏻👦🏻" Aneurin Barnard, The Goldfinch's Boris Pavlikovsky.

I"Looks amazing!!! 💫" Floria Sigismondi, The Turning's Director.


Of course, as a book, The Goldfinch (2019) had already amassed quite an impressive amount of fans. However, a fan account by the name of The Goldfinch Updates, tweeted out a warning to those who are going into the film blind.


They warned that not everyone had liked The Goldfinch as a book, so it can't be expected that everyone will like the movie. Despite this, they are urging fans to believe in their own opinion and that it matters more than any others.

We don't think they have to worry too much, though. After all, The Goldfinch did win many literary awards, including the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction (2014) and the Andrew Carnegie Medal for Fiction (2014).

The Goldfinch (2019) hits US theatres on September 13 and Stranger Things season 1-3 is available to stream on Netflix. Ghostbusters (2020) hits US theatres July 10, 2020.

Stranger Things season 4 is expected to premiere in late 2021. 


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Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard (Ghostbusters 2020, It Chapter Two's Richie Tozier)

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