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Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard Co-Stars REACT To Finn's New BROWN Hair 

"Not gonna lie my hair is like that right now 🤧" Caleb posts. Then he shows receipts to an amused Finn.

22 October 2019 by Fonticha Tran

Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture' Presentation held at the

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA on April 2, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

On October 21, Stranger Things’ Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) posted a photo of himself with straight brown hair. And his co-stars are leaving comments!


Let's rewind.


Finn has been changing his hairstyle over the past few weeks. It first started back on October 6 when Finn attended the Addams Family world premiere with his hair longer than usual, and caused a huge uproar among fans. (Read more here).


...Now, Finn has maintained the length of his hair, straightened it, and dyed it brown with the results uploaded onto Instagram.


Check out his co-stars' comments below:


"Haha" - The Goldfinch co-star Oakes Fegley

"Yessss hairrr" - Dog Days co-star Vanessa Hudgens

"Not gonna lie my hair is like that right now 🤧" - Stranger Things co-star Caleb McLaughlin


Currently, the post has over 2.7 million likes.



So, what are the fans' thoughts?


Basically, fans are saying that it’s giving them the 70s vibes and others are even comparing him to Freddy Mercury, the lead vocalist of the rock band, Queen, back in the 1970s. Luckily, more fans are warming up to Finn's longer hairstyle as previously, many had called for Finn to cut it.



And Stranger Things co-star, Caleb's hair?

After leaving the comment under Finn's post that his hair is "like that right now", Caleb posted on his Instagram a small clip and photo of himself and his new hairstyle an hour later.

"Aye @finnwolfhardofficial I think we’re catching the same vibe me guy 🤧✨ 


And it was pretty long! To which Finn responded:




And that's not all. The next day, Finn uploaded another photo of himself on Instagram, but in this photo, Finn's hair is black and was most likely taken before dyeing his hair brown. 


The photo was taken using a 35mm film format and in it, Finn tagged Orion Carloto, a YouTuber who also has a website section called "film for her" where she often uploads photos taken in the same format.

Orion later posted another photo of them together donning a similar haircut! In the Instagram post, she wrote:


“gucci called, they want their haircuts back"

The Addams Family (2019) is in theatres now, and Stranger Things season 4 is expected to start shooting early next year in January 2020.

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Fonticha Tran is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is also responsible for researching and writing news articles. She also keeps track of the celebrities’ on our watchlist while monitoring their social media for any new updates.  


Fun fact: Besides constantly being on Twitter and reading up on her favourite celebrities' newest tweets, she's busy rewatching Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. 


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