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Fans SLAM Casting Choice And Say Finn Wolfhard Should've Been Bob Dylan 

"This is bullsh*t, Finn Wolfhard is a dead ringer for young Bob Dylan y’all dumb as f***." An angry fan tweets.

8 January 2020 by Fonticha Tran

Finn Wolfhard at the 2019 CinemaCon - Warner Bros. Pictures 'The Big Picture' Presentation

held at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, USA on April 2, 2019. — Photo by PopularImages

On January 6, Variety announced that American actor, Timothee Chalamet, is in negotiations to play the role of Bob Dylan in Going Electric. However, fans soon flocked to Twitter to insist that Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) is much more suitable for the role.


Let's rewind.


Going Electric is an upcoming film that will focus on Bob Dylan as he rises to fame and his road in becoming a music icon. For those who don't know, Bob Dylan has sold 100 million albums worldwide as well as winning eleven Grammy awards and the Nobel Prize in Literature 2016.


The movie will be directed by James Mangold, who is most notably known for directing Ford v Ferrari (2019) and Logan (2017).


Anyway, when news broke out that Timothee Chalamet, an up-and-coming actor, was in negotiations for the role of Bob Dylan, fans flooded Twitter, arguing that Finn looked much more like Bob than Timothee did.


Timothee recently starred in Little Women (2019) as Theodore "Laurie" Laurence and has won numerous awards for his performance in Call Me By Your Name (2017).


Check out their comments below:


"This is b******t, Finn Wolfhard is a dead ringer for young Bob Dylan y’all dumb as f***."

"Nothing against Timmy Chalamet but why cast him as Bob Dylan when Finn Wolfhard is literally *right there* looking like his clone?"

"Timothee Chalamet is a fire actor but finn pulls off the bob dylan look way more."


These fans also shared a side by side comparison of Finn and Bob Dylan, which can be seen here and here.


Fans also pointed out that Finn was a musician too, essentially making him perfect for the role.



So, what might be the reason that Timothee was chosen?


Assuming that Finn had even auditioned, fans have pointed out that Finn was too young for the role. Bob Dylan had made his music breakthrough in the 1960s, which means he was around his 20s. Timothee is 24 compared to Finn, who's only 17.


And although Timothee is not a musician himself, he had previously taken guitar lessons to prepare for his role in Call Me By My Name (2017).

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Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard (Ghostbusters 2020, It Chapter Two's Richie Tozier)

Fonticha Tran is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is also responsible for researching and writing news articles. She also keeps track of the celebrities’ on our watchlist while monitoring their social media for any new updates.  


Fun fact: Besides constantly being on Twitter and reading up on her favourite celebrities' newest tweets, she's busy rewatching Stranger Things and The Umbrella Academy. 


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