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Dixie D'Amelio's #dixpicks FLAGGED By TikTok And Removed 

"So, the hashtag #dixpicks got taken down [...]. I guess it was inappropriate or something." Dixie D'Amelio says.

4 January 2021 by Fachana Techamaneewat

On December 29, Dixie D'Amelio's hashtag #dixpicks was taken down by TikTok, and those who used the hashtag found their content being flagged.


Dixie quickly tweeted out about the situation:

"the hashtag #dixpicks got taken down on tiktok lol but we are working on getting it back up! hopefully tomorrow"


Dixie then uploaded a TikTok video where she gave more information about the situation, saying that she and her team were "trying to get it back up".


"Hello, everyone. I just wanted to post a little update really quickly. So, the hashtag #dixpicks got taken down for some weird reason."

"I guess it was inappropriate or something. We’re trying to get it back up, but I saw a lot of your videos and they’re really good."


However, if it doesn't go as planned, Dixie reveals to fans that her next hashtag choice would be #dixiepicks, although she says that the name is "not as fun" as #dixpicks.

"if #dixpicks doesn’t end up coming back, I will end up doing #dixiepicks, which sucks because it’s not as fun as the other one."



[UPDATE] Dixie ultimately chose the hashtag #pickedbydixie.



What is #pickedbydixie

On December 28, Dixie announced to fans that she was launching her "creator of the month" idea. People can enter by using the hashtag in their videos, and the winner will receive a PR package that includes things to help grow their TikTok account. (Read more about it here). 

On January 1, Dixie announced the first winner to her "creator of the month", although she faced backlash for her choice.

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Fachana Techamaneewat is a news writer at Exclusive Hollywood and is responsible for researching and writing news articles while providing story updates wherever necessary.

Fun fact: On the weekends, she's an avid writer for practically anything. Her current obsession is the Umbrella Academy, and as of now, is writing a book.

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