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BTS Is DOMINATING In #MTVHottest Votes - But ARMYs Fans Are Being SLAMMED For Not Voting

"Stop calling ARMYs who don’t vote every 5 seconds lazy. Y’all do realize that there are ARMYs that work." An angry fan slams back.

13 August 2019 by Fachana Techmaneewat

LAS VEGAS - MAY 21: BTS at the 2017 Billboard Awards Press Room at the T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV — Photo by Jean_Nelson

BTS, one of the most popular K-Pop boy band, is a nominee for a pretty impressive amount of awards this year. And they're dominating in votes. Without the help of the 'lazy' fans, of course, according to some ARMYs.


Wait, what? Let's rewind.


First of all, what awards are BTS currently up for?


Well, some of these include the #MTVHottest Award, MTV UK VMAs, Kids Choice Awards Mexico, and more.


And BTS is actually dominating in their respective categories. However, BTS fans (also known as ARMYs) are now slamming other ARMYs for not voting.


Yep. Despite having a huge lead in their categories, ARMYs are adamant that BTS win by a landslide, and calling out other ARMYs who don't appear to be voting consistently.


For example, for the MTV UK VMAs, fans can vote up to 10 times per category, and they can come back to vote again every day.


Unfortunately, some ARMY fans don't have time to do that. And they're getting slammed for it. But they're not taking it lying down.


These ARMY fans are hitting back, saying that they're busy with work or school and that this toxic voting pressure is taking the joy out of voting completely.


Check out their angry tweets below:


























They also include that they're supporting BTS in other ways, such as buying BTS' albums or merchandise.


In other words, just because they're too busy to vote, it doesn't mean they aren't supporting BTS by other means.


Of course, the argument doesn't end there.


The initial ARMYs hit back by saying that these fans do have the time to vote.



Uh, you can clearly see how this is going.


Oh, and unfortunately, this type of toxicity in the BTS fandom is actually very common.


Why? Because ARMYs are known to be very passionate and they'd do almost anything to support BTS. Even Halsey, American singer who collaborated with BTS on their song 'Boys With Luv', spoke out about how ARMYs bought billboard advertisements in London Tower Bridge and Times Square for the K-Pop band.



Wait, what else has ARMYs done?


Hm. Do you ever wonder how BTS is constantly breaking records on YouTube and Spotify?


Well, it's solely because ARMYs are constantly streaming their songs.


Yep. And this ties in with the whole controversy of YouTube apparently deleting views from BTS videos.


Wait, what?


Basically, there was an outcry from the BTS fandom when it appeared that BTS' song 'Idol' had apparently lost around 30 million views overnight. All of the ARMYs hard work seemed to have evaporated, so it makes sense that they weren't too happy about it.


When an ARMY accused them of it, YouTube responded to them. Check it out below:



So why are ARMYs streaming so much?


It's because they want to support BTS as much as they can, and streaming is one of those ways as it helps the group to match other Western artists in their view count.


According to this ARMY fan:



"The first 24hrs of a comeback are crucial, that's when everyone is watching/keeping track of what's going on...our fandom is phenomenal when it comes to those 24hrs, BTS breaks records even big artists in the US can't reach. But it's after those 24 hrs, we start losing. We don't have the GP on our side, other Western artists do...which is why even if their fandom stops streaming, their view count continues to rise steadily...we are alone when it comes to long term streams, many nonfans are their in the first 24hrs but afterwards, it's just us."


But streaming services are aware of this type of "streaming", and do not always view these as "authentic" views so they might not always count them in the official count.


To avoid this, these streamers will take steps to make it seem as if their views are genuine. According to the same ARMY fan, here are the steps to stream "correctly", i.e., to stream in a way that will get their views registered.



How to stream on Youtube?

  • Search the music video MANUALLY.

  • Log in to 'like' & comment, but Log OUT to stream

  • Don't click repeat, pause or skip forward, let it stream fully.

  • Clear history/caches between every stream. If you are too lazy to do that, watch other 2 or 3 videos before streaming the mv again.

  • Don't use playlist for the first 24 hours

  • Use different browsers, but DON'T use multiple tabs within the same browser.

  • Don’t skip any ads.

  • Again, DO NOT mute or lower the volume on the youtube player. Do it in your device only.


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