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#BRINGTHESEOUL_THEMOVIE Is Trending. BTS' Movie? Yes. And BTS' Fans Are Angry At Spoilers

"Wow. Spoilers already. Couldn't wait for 3 days till the movie screening are done. You fcking suck." An angry fan tweets.

18 August 2019 by Fachana Techmaneewat

LAS VEGAS - MAY 21: BTS at the 2017 Billboard Awards Press Room at the T-Mobile Arena on May 21, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV — Photo by Jean_Nelson

#BRINGTHESEOUL_THEMOVIE is trending for BTS Bring The Soul: The Movie's first day of release and fans can't help but share their thoughts on the movie on Twitter.


Of course, since it's only the first day, quite a few ARMYs (BTS' fans) hadn't had the chance to see it yet. But excited ARMYs couldn't help but talk about what they'd seen. So... cue the spoilers. And cue the anger.

Let's rewind.


First of all, what is BTS Bring The Soul: The Movie?


Here's the gist: It's a glimpse into BTS' lives and the things that happen behind the spotlight. The members tell their stories and experiences of how it feels to perform in front of thousands of ARMYs across the world. This is the third documentary film about BTS.


Anyway, since the film was announced, ARMYs were excited and couldn't wait to watch it for themselves.


Of course, it came as no surprise when #BRINGTHESEOUL_THEMOVIE trended on Twitter on the day of its release. Fans were flocking to Twitter to share their thoughts on the film and unfortunately, couldn't contain themselves from revealing spoilers.

And the ARMYs who hadn't seen the movie yet...


Let's just say they weren't too happy about it. Check out their tweets below:

















So, will BTS Bring The Soul: The Movie be a financial success?


If we go by BTS' last movie, then yes, it looks like this latest documentary film will be a huge success.


According to Variety, BTS' previous movie, Burn the Stage: The Movie (2018), had a "limited release in participating theatres" on 15 November last year, and it was so successful that it re-entered theatres on 5-6 December. It even stole the crown from One Direction's One Direction: Where We Are attendance record for a concert film, with BTS hitting a box office of $18.5 million, compared to One Direction's $14 million box office.


(Burn the Stage: The Movie (2018) followed BTS during their Live Triology Episode III The Wings tour in 2017. The tour spanned 40 concerts in 19 cities with 550,000 fans attending).


Since then, the movie was released on YouTube Premium and the first episode currently has over 57 million views.


All in all, we're waiting to see if BTS Bring The Soul: The Movie will be breaking records again.


...And knowing ARMYs, well. Let's just say there's a pretty good chance it'll happen.


BTS Bring The Soul: The Movie (2019) is in theatres now.



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