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BLACKPINK's Rosé's 23rd Birthday #OurMusicianRoséDay TRENDS On Twitter!

"happy birthday queen, it’s your year to conquer 👸💞 #OurMusicianRoséDay." A fan tweets.

10 February 2020 by Fachana Techamaneewat

Members of South Korean girl group BLACKPINK attend a fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea, 17 May 2017. — Photo by Imaginechina-Editorial

On February 11, BLACKPINK's Rosé turned 23 and fans started trending the hashtag #OurMusicianRoséDay on Twitter in celebration, and it reached 1 million tweets! 

YG Family (@ygent_official), Rose's entertainment agency, also tweeted:




Over a million birthday wishes were sent to Rosé from fans on Twitter with the hashtag #OurMusicianRoséDay.


Check some of the fans' birthday wishes below:

"happy birthday queen, it’s your year to conquer 👸💞 #OurMusicianRoséDay

"Happy birthday Rosé! You are such a special human and we are so glad we have gotten to see you grow over the years! We hope you have a great day spent surrounded by your loved ones! BLINKs will always love and support you #OurMusicianRoséDay"

"Happy birthday to the owner of the golden voice, BLACKPINK Rosé! 🎂🎉May all your wishes come true and may this year bring you many happy memories 😊 Stay as bright and lovely as you are. Have a blast! 💞"


Fun fact: Rose, Lisa, Jisoo and Jennie are the only female K-pop idols to hit 1 million tweets with a birthday hashtag.

However, in between sending birthday wishes to Rosé, several fans also took the opportunity to call for Rosé's solo, as her agency, YG Entertainment, has developed a reputation for not being punctual on their scheduled release dates.



So, when is BLACKPINK's Rosé solo expected?


Basically, YG Entertainment first announced that each of the BLACKPINK's members would be getting their own solo tracks on October 18, 2018. Jennie would come first, followed by Rosé.


However, after Jennie had her solo released back in November 2018, and despite it being over a year later, Rosé's solo still hasn't been released. On September 1, 2019, Rosé explained that her solo was coming up, and that there's "a right timing for everything" and that she didn't "want to rush anything".

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BLACKPINK's Rose And Lisa (Female K-Pop)

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