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ARMYBLINKS AKA BTS' Fans And Blackpink's Fans Just Can't Catch A Break

"I literally cried myself to sleep yesterday bc of ARMYs and Blinks attacking me. I can't do this anymore." An upset fan tweets.

18 August 2019 by Fachana Techmaneewat

Members of South Korean girl group BLACKPINK attend a fan meeting in Seoul, South Korea,

17 May 2017. — Photo by Imaginechina-Editorial

BTS and Blackpink are two of the most popular K-Pop groups, and both have a massive fandom called ARMYs and Blinks, respectively. Unfortunately, though, fans aren't allowed to like both. These fans, commonly known as Armyblinks, are brutally hated on both sides.


Wait, what?

Let's rewind.


First of all, who are these K-pop groups?


BTS is a male group that's made up of 7 members, and Blackpink is a female group comprising of 4 members. Both have managed to gain massive success in the US recently.


However, their fandoms, ARMYs and Blinks are, for lack of a better phrase, constantly in a never-ending fanwar.


ARMYs and Blinks see the two groups as main rivals and are always trying to one-up each other. They compete by comparing their group's success, and unfortunately, some go as far as trash-talking the other group.


However, there are some fans who love both groups and are brave enough to call themselves an "Armyblink".


But of course, it comes with a price. They have to be ready to face the wrath of both fandoms.


Nevertheless, the toxicity can sometimes get too much.



But they still try to stay positive about the situation.



Armyblinks are even calling for an app where they can go to support both groups without facing any harassment.


So, what's the deal? Why are Armyblinks hated so much?


First of all, the age-old argument from ARMYs is that they've never seen an Armyblink defend BTS. Many 'alleged' Armyblinks apparently has a Blackpink member as their profile picture, and despite claiming to be an Armyblink, their tweets are usually trash-talking BTS (their way of defending Blackpink).


According to ARMYs, they've rarely seen an Armyblink actually defend BTS. And because of that, Armyblinks can't be fans of BTS because how can you be a fan of a group who you're constantly throwing under the bus?





Unfortunately, there are sides to every story. Perhaps what these ARMYs are saying is true. Perhaps, these Armyblinks who threw BTS under the bus weren't even real Armyblinks and were just deliberately sullying the name.


Or maybe everything stemmed from a single misunderstanding. After all, it's so easy to trend the wrong information by accident.


(#PrinceEric, anyone? The false information that everyone thought was real so it trended on Twitter?)


And what about you? Are you an Armyblink? Or are you an ARMY? Or a Blink?



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Blackpink's Lisa and Rose

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