Jeffree Star EXPANDS His PR List - Make-Up Artists Found On Twitter

5 July, 2020

"HI TALENT, HOW ARE YA?? You are beyond amazing and I'd love to add you to the PR list!"Jeffree Star tweets.

Morgan Adams UNFOLLOWS Jeffree Star Amidst Controversy - Fans Aren't Happy

30 June, 2020

"Morgan Adams unfollowing @JeffreeStarcoz it ''à la mode''? he did so much for you, defended you from bullies and THAT'S how you thank him?!?!??" A fan tweets.

Caleb McLaughlin's New MOVIE Concrete Cowboys (2020) Premiere At Toronto (TIFF)

30 June, 2020

Stranger Things' Caleb Mclaughlin stars as Cole in the upcoming Concrete Cowboys (2020).

Millie Bobby Brown SLAMMED For Posting Picture With A Black Friend

30 June, 2020

"[Millie] posted a picture with a black friend of hers as if it were a pet “supporting” the movement." A fan tweets.

Joshua Rush THREATENS To Expose Former Shake It Up Caroline Sunshine's E-mail

30 June, 2020

"Is leaking an email address against twitter policy? Because I have her White House email (...)" Joshua Rush tweets.

James Charles SLAMS Fake Sexual Assault Accusations: 'Disgusting'

29 June, 2020

"Sexual assault is really fucking serious and it is absolutely disgusting that making false allegations is becoming a trend right now!!!" James Charles tweets.

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