Tana Mongeau FURIOUS At Harry Jowsey For DELETING Her TikTok!

25 January, 2021

"I’ve never been more furious. [...] It’s my karma for ever allowing [Harry] in my house. I can’t even. F**k off.” Tana Mongeau says.

Vanessa Hudgens Receives BACKLASH For Being In Scotland During Pandemic

25 January, 2021

"vanessa hudgens just thinks scotland is uninhabited because she's [...] there pretending there's not a pandemic and the whole country is in lockdown." A user tweets.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Delay Receives BACKLASH: 'The Hype Is Dying'

25 January, 2021

"People you should be angry at: Those who refused to wear masks and social distance." A fan tweets.

MrBeast Is SENDING Fans' Pics To The MOON In NASA Rover!

25 January, 2021

"For $10 I’ll put whatever picture you want, on the moon!" MrBeast tweets.

Who Is Joshua Rush's Girlfriend? Who Is He Dating?

25 January, 2021

"me at 18 feeling 100% comfortable & connected to my [...] boyfriend" Lauren Holdt posts about Joshua Rush.

Dixie And Charli D'Amelio Calls Fanbases 'DOAH', 'Cha Cha' & 'Bradison' Crazy & Mean

24 January, 2021

"Bradison fans are mean, Cha Cha fans are crazy, and Doah [...] attacks like, everyone." Dixie D'Amelio says.

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