Charli D’Amelio RAPS In Dixie's NEW SONG? Dixie Shuts Down Rumors

25 February, 2021

"Charli is not rapping." Dixie D’Amelio confirms to confused fans.

Five VS Eleven: Aidan Gallagher Joins In DEBATE On Who Would Win

24 February, 2021

Who would win? Fans reckons both of them would make a phenomenal duo...

James Charles ACCUSED Of Using Britney Spears' Shaved Head For Views

25 February, 2021

"It's a bit insensitive to use #BritneySpears' public breakdown and subsequent head shaving as the basis for a prank." A social media user posts.

James Charles On Dating 'Tall' Guys, Having Kids & Sliding Into DMs

23 February, 2021

"I’ve slid in to a guy’s dms & they say, 'Lowkey I've always had a crush on you.' 🧐Like okay thanks… Do something about it then. 😇"

Bella Thorne SLAMS YouTube For Removing 'Shake It' Music Video (New Song)

25 February, 2021

"Male artists always have women shaking a** in videos... why can’t we? Censorship against women needs to end!!!" Bella Thorne posts.

Olivia Rodrigo ADMITS Her Songs Are Not 'Always Good'

23 February, 2021

HSMTMTS' Olivia Rodrigo admits her songs aren't always good...