Finn Wolfhard UPDATES Fans On Night Shifts PERKS (Indiegogo)

12 February, 2020

"Hey, guys. So, I directed a short film. [...] Perks [...] are coming to you guys soon as well as the special thanks and a bunch of other good stuff." Finn Wolfhard says.

Skai Jackson SPEAKS OUT About Cameron Boyce's ABSENCE In Memoriam Tribute Oscars 2020

12 February, 2020

"How come Cameron wasn't acknowledged in the memoriam tribute video @theacademy ???" Skai posts.

Finn Wolfhard MISTAKEN As Asian - Fans Are Confused With His Ethnicity

12 February, 2020

"4 Asian icons 😍😍😍😍" Rich Brian tweets to a confused Finn Wolfhard.

Charli D'Amelio COLLABS With Tana Mongeau On TIKTOK!

12 February, 2020

"she taught me this four minutes ago @charlidamelio" Tana Mongeau posts.

Charli D'Amelio STRUGGLES With Passport Photo: "Eyes Are Too Small"

12 February, 2020

"the passport woman just told me that my eyes are to small so they have to check if my picture works. that’s just my face :/" Charli D'Amelio tweets.

Tana Mongeau DELETES "Joke" About Broom Standing Up Challenge After Backlash

12 February, 2020

"i actually get no dms i lies i have to get this off my chest i can’t sleep" Tana tweets.

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